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Mommy Makeover:

Motherhood can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a woman’s life. As a mom, you’ve probably devoted years to making sure your kids had everything they needed, often overlooking your own desires in the process. But, though being a mom is a big part of your life, it doesn’t completely define you – and it certainly doesn’t have to dictate how you look.
Pregnancy takes a huge toll on our bodies, and while some women seem to be able to bounce back in months, others can never quite restore their pre-baby figure, even after years of dieting and exercise. Do you constantly cover yourself up because of loose sagging skin and other remnants of those transformative nine months? If so, you may be an excellent candidate for a mommy makeover.

What is a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover is one of the biggest new plastic surgery trend in recent years, and refers to a combination of procedures that can help moms everywhere address the physical changes that they experienced during pregnancy.
By undergoing liposuction, tummy tucks and breast lifts at the David Rosenstein Plastic Surgery Clinic, mothers across Palm Beach have been able to rediscover their individual femininity and cast off dowdy, shapeless garbs in favor of more fitted attire.

How can a tummy tuck restore my pre-baby body?

After giving birth, you may have spent months hitting the gym to get rid of the extra pounds, only to find that you still weren’t satisfied with the way you looked. That’s because, as in any case of extreme weight loss, your body adapted to its new shape, stretching your skin in the process. Now, though you may have rock-hard abs beneath that belly, excess skin still creates the dreaded muffin-top effect that makes any vaguely clingy ensemble impossible.
At David Rosenstein Plastic Surgery, we can free you from this frustrating phenomenon by performing a tummy tuck, during which Dr. Rosenstein will cut away the extra skin and leave you with the flattened stomach you thought you’d never see again. In addition to getting rid of all that excess, Dr. Rosenstein can also tighten the muscles in your abdomen that may have become loose and stretched over time, so you can proudly show off your taut tummy the next time you hit the beach.

How can liposuction restore my pre-baby body?

As well as all creating all that extra skin, you may also find that your body started storing fat in unusual places during your pregnancy. Fatty deposits along your waist and thighs can be almost impossible to target through conventional exercise, and can dramatically change the natural curves of your body.

Do you constantly have to take these lumps and bumps into account whenever you go shopping for clothing? Through liposuction, Dr. Rosenstein can extract fat from localized deposits almost anywhere on your body, from the waist and abdomen to your arms, neck and back. When combined with other body-contouring procedures like a tummy tuck, this procedure can help you restore your proportions and achieve a more streamlined silhouette.

Why turn to David Rosenstein Surgery for your Mommy Makeover?

Dr. David Rosenstein is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has helped many women in Palm Beach regain their pre-pregnancy figures – and their self-confidence – through mommy makeovers. Trained in physical aesthetics as well as medical practice, Dr. Rosenstein has a comprehensive understanding of the human form, and can help you attain the perfect proportions for your shape and size. So, after years of taking care of others, why not treat yourself to a procedure that can remind you – and your loved one – that, as well as being a mom, you are a beautiful, vibrant and confident woman?
Tummy Tuck in Palm Beach/Boynton Beach/Boca Raton

Looking for a flatter more healthy and youthful tummy?

Many people complain of having abdomen and trunk contours that are unaesthetic in appearance. The tummy is the most important contributor to one physique and curves. Unfortunately it is also the area that excess fat is stored and where excess skin is left following weight loss or pregnancy. Many women also are left after pregnancy with unsightly stretch marks that make them appear older and less fit, this too can be addressed and corrected with Abdominoplasty.
The most important step in achieving an enhanced body contour is determining what is the cause of the undesired shape and tailoring the surgical approach to address the underlying problem. Most of these patients have some degree of laxity in their abdominal wall and frequently have loose saggy and hanging skin. Excess skin caused by pregnancy, significant weight loss, and change in skin elasticity cause the abdomen to have a very unsightly appearance and frequently causes someone to appear overweight and be very self-conscious about how they look and what they can wear.
Unfortunately true skin excess is extremely difficult if not impossible to remove with diet and exercise alone. In these clients some degree of skin excision is necessary to tighten and flatten the abdomen and to achieve a more desirable abdominal contour. Another common cause of a round protruding abdomen is a progressive weakening that occurs in the abdominal wall and a separation of the central muscles of the abdomen. A dramatically flattened and tightened silhouette is created by suturing the muscles along the front of the abdominal wall. Depending on the amount of fat present on the client’s tummy, liposuction is performed along with the Palm Beach tummy tuck surgery to carve out a more attractive waist and an improved figure.

Proper candidates for abdominoplasy /tummy tuck procedures have: excess abdominal skin, frequently protruding abdomen due to a weakened and stretched abdominal wall and muscle separation, may have excess residual abdominal fat, and are at or near their ideal body weight. Abdominoplasty can be performed through a variety of techniques depending on each patient’s concerns and individual anatomy.

Standard Abdominoplasty:

Appropriate for the majority of women, it removes flaccid abdominal skin and residual fat and tightens muscles that have been separated and weakened by pregnancy or weight gain. This procedure is most effective in women who are finished having children. Liposuction may be performed at the same time to create a nice contour, although this decision is up to the individual surgeon and patient. The length of the incision needed in abdominoplasy surgery is determined by the amount of excess skin present on the abdomen. Muscle tightening is usually performed to help tighten the abdominal profile and to sculpt a more flat and fit tummy with better waist contours. In a standard tummy tuck procedure the belly button is reconnected in the more attractive skin that was stretched downward giving it a more youthful appearance. Drains are used to remove the excess fluid that would otherwise accumulate and are usually removed one week after surgery. A compressive garment is also placed after surgery and continued during the postoperative period to help the skin contract into the tightest most beautiful silhouette.

There are some other types of abdominoplasty that may apply for a small number of patients with specific concerns and needs:

Partial Abdominoplasty (Mini Tummy Tuck) /Short Scar Tummy Tuck

This technique is used when the amount of loose skin is minimal and concentrated primarily in the lower abdomen. In this procedure, liposuction can be performed to rid the stubborn abdominal fat and the excess skin is removed. In special candidates, his procedure can be combined with tightening of the muscles along the midline to flatten the tummy further. This procedure results in many of the benefits of a full abdominoplasy with a smaller incision and without the telltale incision around the bellybutton.

Tummy Tuck Surgical Overview:

Duration: dependent on degree of deformity
Anesthesia: General or Local depending on complexity/ Outpatient
Risks: standard surgical risks include infection, bleeding, scarring and wound complications, blood clots, and anesthesia related risks; procedure specific risks include asymmetry in breast or areolar size or position, loss of sensation or lactation, skin loss and wound complications.
Recovery: shower in 72 hours, return to work typically in 1 week, breast contact is delayed 3-4 weeks, strenuous exercise after one month, full scar maturation 1 year usually fading to a discreet scar line.

To learn more about the tummy tuck procedure and to see how we can help transform you to the look you desire, take the next step toward a younger, sexier, more confident you by scheduling a complimentary consultation with Board Certified Palm Beach Dr. David Rosenstein.


When you look in the mirror what do you see? If you are like most all of us, you see a little excess body fat that prevents us from looking our best and from feeling as confident and attractive as we could. There is no question that how feel about ourselves can change everything from what clothes we feel comfortable wearing, to what activities we participate in, and even determine our attitude and self -esteem. Is a little stubborn body fat getting between how you look and who you want to be?

At Dr. David Rosenstein Cosmetic Plastic Surgery we want to help you achieve that more slim and attractive figure that you have been yearning for. Liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedure performed today.

Liposuction/ Liposculpture is a procedure used to improve your body proportions and to improve your shape and contours by removing and reshaping the excess fat trapped beneath your skin.
Liposuction requires a few very small and discreet incisions placed in hidden skin creases allowing us to remove unsightly fat deposits with a fine cannula and high powered surgical vacuum. In our liposculpture procedure we use a tumescent solution that contains medication that helps to reduce postoperative pain as well as to minimize bleeding and bruising.

This fluid also helps us to more precisely target the troublesome fat cells that we want to remove. The best candidates for liposuction are patients with a healthy diet and lifestyle, who are already involved in a regular exercise regimen , and who have localized areas fatty deposits that just won’t go away with diet and exercise alone.
Liposuction is an effective treatment for both women and men, and is commonly performed in areas of the cheeks, jowls, neck, upper arms, breast or chest areas, back, abdomen and waist, hips and buttocks, inner and outer thighs, inner knee, calves and ankles.

The long term results of liposuction will be permanent, as long as a healthy diet and lifestyle are maintained. A postoperative compression garment is typically used for 1-2 months after any liposculpture procedure to reduce swelling and help the skin contraction process to optimize the body sculpting process.
Is it safe?

Liposuction performed in a certified operating center, using licensed and appropriately trained anesthesiologist, and most importantly with an experienced and fully trained and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon is a safe and effective way to remove the unsightly fat deposits and achieve a more attractive figure. All surgery has associated risks, but choosing the right surgery center and the right surgeon is a crucial first step to a safe and highly satisfying liposuction procedure.

We want you to look and feel your very best and help you achieve that healthy, lean, and sexier look you have always desired. Ready to change how you look and how you feel about yourself? Palm Beach liposuction clients who are encouraged to schedule a complimentary cosmetic surgery consultation with Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Rosenstein. A customized plan will be designed based on your individual concerns, desires, and specific anatomic considerations to help you to achieve the figure you have always dreamed of having.

Liposuction Surgical Overview:

Duration: 1-3 hours depending on areas addressed
Anesthesia: Typically General / Outpatient
Risks: standard surgical risks include infection, bleeding, scarring and wound complications, blood clots, and anesthesia related risks; procedure specific risks include contour irregularities, fluid accumulation, skin laxity, and small scars at incision points.
Recovery: shower in 72 hours, return to work typically in 1 week, strenuous exercise after one month, final result 2-6 months as swelling resolves and skin tightening occurs.